Monday, January 28, 2013

Putting Ecuador on the Map! Bike Style…

There is absolutely no doubt that Ecuador is on the pro-bikers radar as some of the most epic single-track downhill trails in the world.  Bike Magazine journalists, Brice Minnigh,  and a group of pro riders headed down to Ecuador to check out the scene.  Within the group, Wade Simmions, known as the godfather of freeride mountain biking, ripped up the trails with a group of locals known as the cockroaches. 

“We had come to this country to experience the astonishing range of ecosystems--from glacial Andean volcanoes and high-altitude deserts to lush rain forests—and of course, to shred some of South America’s sickest singletrack,” explains Minnigh.   As the group explored the country north to south,  the locals (and I would like to include myself in this category) grew ever more hopeful and confident that Ecuador will become a model of bike adventure and activism. 

PEDAL is right on board with the bike pros.  We have created four epic short bike expeditions that do not only explore some of the most incredible landscapes in Ecuador, but pairs cycling with once in a lifetime cross-cultural experience.  Through community service, Pedal expedition members work and live within small rural societies.  We believe that if Ecuador is giving us these amazing opportunities to explore it’s rich scenery, then the least we can do is give back.  

Imagine descending from high Andean volcanoes through cloud forests, banana plantations and the spray of waterfalls to end your day eating dinner with the indigenous Tsachilas community.  After a night’s rest in the village, you wake up with your group to work on planting community gardens to help keep the village sustainable.  We do what the pros do, but add a touch more!

Check out our expedtions at:

We have added bike maps of every route we plan to explore.  For maps, just scroll down to the bottom of the page of the expedition that you are checking out.  For example:

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