Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Get Rollin!

Dear Draftees,

We've heard you loud and clear.  You want to know what the heck is going on!  The newsletters were just not cuttin it.

 Well my loyal draftees, you have asked, and we will deliver.  We are starting this new blog to keep you in the loop about each and every step involved in getting wheels on the road.  Not only do we want to inform you, but we want to hear your feedback.  As a team, we take action to make things happen.   So lets put the tire on fire and get rollin!


First order of business, we have updated our website www.pedalforchange.org .  You will be able to read about our upcoming bike expeditions in Ecuador at http://www.pedalforchange.org/expeditions/ecuadorweekendexperiences.php
We have some really amazing adventures planned so please be sure to check it out.  

Second, I would like to welcome Carlos Martinez and Jon Abarca to the PEDAL team.  Carlos, from Quito, Ecuador, is an expert tour bike guide that has worked for a number of years in many different provinces.  His knowledge about ecology of Ecuador is outstanding and his close relationships with different indigenous groups in the area, is a blessing.  We are psyched to have him on our team.

Carlos Martinez (Top) Lynz Coon (Right) and Rayna Weiss (Left)

Jon Abarca grew up in New York City and has been living in Ecuador for the past 6 years.   Due to his Euadorian blood, Jon left New York, came to Quito and has not been able to turn back.   A bike advocate, Jon has agreed to become our program overseerer in Ecuador.  We are so lucky to have him.

Jon Abarca