Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Ecuador Adventures LESS Than One Month!

Loyal Draftees,

At 7am on June 21st 2013, the first Ecuador Adventure  "Into the Tropics, Santo Domingo de Los Ts├íchilas" will depart the city of Quito.  Volunteers will load into a van with backpacks and bikes and head up the winding road into the high sierra.  Once we hit a altitude where air is thin, the bikes will be unloaded and we will begin our Pedal venture.

Three guides, eight volunteers and one support vehicle will then descend into the tropics down an incredible dirt road that will take us through waterfalls and cloud forests.  The route is one of the most incredible descents in Ecuador that very few people know.

After six hours on our saddles, we will arrive to a unique indigenous community.   Men of this ethnic group are distinguishable because they wear an elaborate hair decoration by shaving the sides of their heads and shaping the top part into a seed-like feature that is colored red.  
Volunteers will spend two nights in the community working on reforestation projects and learning about the unique customs of this indigenous group.  

This is only one of our 4 adventures!  Just one week after our first adventure begins, our 2nd "Into the Cloud Forst, Mindo Lindo" will depart!  We have an entire summer chalk full of adventures.  Check them out and be sure to sign up before you lose your spot.  And remember...You can always catch our draft at www.pedalforchange.org!